Thursday 20th August 2015 Brisbane North BUG Meeting

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Thursday 20th August 2015 Brisbane North BUG Meeting

Minutes from Meeting held at Chermside Library

960 Gympie Rd – Meeting room one

Chair Andrew Methorst

Minutes Rod Mackie

1 Welcome

Apologies from Manning T, Nicky T, Caroline M, John M, Aaron W and Peter S.

2 Correspondence

Received: Letter from the Lord Mayor

Sent: Letter to BCC regarding feedback about Shand St (Copy on Facebook/Dropbox)

3 Council elections 2016

Andrew spoke about the meeting organised by CBD BUG attended by other Brisbane BUGs, Chicks Who Ride Bikes, Pedal Brisbane and North Brisbane Bikeway Action Group. Plan to have a campaign similar to the successful Space for Cycling (London) before next council elections.

4 Brisbane Northern Bikeway Update – Dickson St / O’Connell Tce

Luke spoke about the document he has drafted outlining the proposed ideas to make Dickson Street safer for people to ride bikes. After some discussion a resolution was passed that a proposal be put to Council to fix Dickson St, including peak hour bike lane.

Chris has had some discussions with Council concerning Dickson St. There was a petition put forward from the residence of Dickson St about slowing the traffic down.

Action Item – Chris H to take new video showing dangerous section of Dickson St.

5 Issues by ward register – Updates on logged items

Andrew spoke about the issues that he has logged so far.

* Darwin St

* Banana Bars

Fences (cross over) slowing though fare on entries to paths

There was some general discussion about what format works best for this.

Action Item – Rod M to check re. Drop Box – One Note

6 Next councillor meetings –

Two council wards have been identified Deagon and Marchant wards.

Action Item – Andrew M to organise a meeting with either councillor and advise the BUG.

7 Local media article promoting BN BUG

Action Item – Andrew to contact Aaron B / CBD BUG to use media contact for promoting BN BUGS fix to Dickson St.

8 Pedal Brisbane Event –

Mass Group Ride Sunday 13 September 11:00 for a 12:00 start

9 General Business

Andrew Methorst asked Mitch if he would like involvement from BNBUG with the Nudge-Gateway North connection

10 Next Meeting

24 September – 960 Gympie Rd

Meeting Closed

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