Thursday 22nd October 2015 Brisbane North BUG Meeting

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Thursday 22nd October 2015 Brisbane North BUG Meeting

Minutes of Brisbane North Bicycle User Group

Thursday 22 October

Meeting Room 1 Chermside Library 960 Gympie Rd Chermside

1 Welcome – Andrew M opened the meeting and welcomed all.

2 Correspondence – We received the written reply regarding our letter to the Lord Mayor (Request for safety measures Dickson St) – This will be further discussed in general business.

3 Space for cycling update

Mitch B gave an update on the campaign and went through the presentation he gave to the Ped Bike Trans people.

4 Brisbane Northern Bikeway Update / Feedback to TMR

Stephen W gave feedback about the latest stage 3A and how it ties in with other works on the Northern Bikeway.

Action Item – Stephen to draft BN BUGS feedback to TMR

5 Report from meeting with Gateway North Upgrade Project Director

Please refer to following page of notes.

6 Issues by ward register – Updates on logged items

Mitch B suggested an app that has been launched by the greens called “Bikeback spot”. Further information to follow. Initial results look promising. Mitch B and Caroline M to test out App and advise.

7 Mystery Guest Speaker

Andrew explained the concept that we have some quite interesting people in the room already and suggested that at each meeting one person is the mystery guest speaker. At each meeting one person answers some bicycle related questions with the “talk” limited to five minutes. The questions each person talks to is entirely up to them. You can also make up your own questions as well.

Sample questions can include;

Best / nicest ride you have done?

Your worst day riding a bike?

Do you remember your first flat tyre?

Most interesting person you have meet whilst riding?

Your favourite bike and why it’s your favourite?

Favourite place to ride?

Your next bike you would like?

What is your cycling related goals?

8 Potential Future Guest Speakers

Andrew mentioned his brief discussions with “Chicks who ride bikes”, Jordana Blackman has offered to come out as a guest speaker and encourage other female riders to get involved.

Action Item – Andrew to follow up with Jordana B

9 General Business

Further discussion regarding the Lord Mayors reply and the incorrect classification he has stated for Dickson St.

Action Item – Stephen W to draft reply.

Stephen W has transferred the NBB content from the CBD web page to a google docs website. This needs to be updated.

10 Next Meeting – Thursday 19 November

Meeting closed at 8:15pm

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